Manuela Klerkx & Oscar van Gelderen

Ontroerend goed boek

An inspiring and practical guide about buying art: how does it work and how do you go about it

Many people feel that art is an elitist hobby, not accessible to ‘normal people’. Galleries are being experienced as intimidating white cube venues, prices charged are not transparent (‘asking price’), and the accompanying texts are more confusing than clarifying.

But there is good news too: possessing art is not limited to the happy few. You can buy art for as little as a few hundred euros (if you do some research and dare to buy ‘early on’). The art world is characterized by whole language of its own and is ruled by codes that Manuela Klerkx and Oscar van Gelderen are trying to break in Art Safari. How are prices being established? Can you bargain with galleries? How does an art fair work? There is so much choice: what to buy and how to buy it?

Five tips to start collecting art

“This book is written for everybody who loves art and wants to buy art, but doesn't know where and how to begin.”

Manuela Klerkx & Oscar van Gelderen

Manuela Klerkx

Manuela Klerkx (1962) graduated in French Linguistics (1986) and in Philosophy (1992), both at the Radboud University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands. In 1992 she moved to Brussels, where she worked as an assistant at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, and in 1994 she went to Milan where she worked for top notch galleries such as Karsten Greve Gallery and Massimo De Carlo.

In 2004 she set up her own gallery - KLERKX- in Milan specializing in emerging Dutch and international artists such as Navid Nuur, Jennifer Tee, Ariel Schlesinger, Josef Schulz, Peggy Frank and Marijn van Kreij.

In 2010 she and her daughter Romane moved to Amsterdam, where she met - and married with - publisher and art collector Oscar van Gelderen. She currently runs an art agency:

Oscar van Gelderen

Oscar van Gelderen (1965) is publisher at Lebowski, in Amsterdam.

He publishes a mix of international and Dutch fiction, has a knack for rediscoveries and loves cult books. Some of the authors he works with are Dave Eggers, Niccolò Ammaniti, David Sedaris, Arnon Grunberg, Erik Jan Harmens, Astrid Holleeder, Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager, John Williams, Charles Bukowski, Hunter Thompson and Werner Bräunig.

He collects art since the 90s, with a special love for outsider art.